Rug Cleaning in Walnut Creek CA

Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleaning process thoroughly cleans your rugs and is environmentally friendly. We are able to remove the dirt, while maintaining the rich colors of your rug. Our cleaning solutions are safe for your children and pets to be around. The cleaned rug will have revitalized colors with a subtle welcoming citrus smell. These are the reasons why Heaven’s Best is able to do an excellent job cleaning your rugs.

Heaven's Best is the top choice for rug cleaning because of our:

✔ Extensive experience with Persian and Oriental rugs.

✔ Flexibility - we can clean them in your home or take & return them.

✔ Solution that is tough on the dirt but not on your rug.

✔ Dry in an hour process.

How We Care for Your Rugs

We take great care when dealing with rugs. We know how expensive they can be and how key they can be in a room’s decorations. Here at Heaven’s Best we know that rugs vary widely. These differences in rugs means they need cared for in different ways. Before cleaning your rug our technician will observe some key features of your rug. They will do this by doing a thorough inspection.

The technician will determine if glue was used to hold the rug together. They will inspect the dyes and the fabrics as well as the weave of the rug. This plays a role in the technician concluding what cleaning solution is best for your rug. The result is color renewed and texture preserved on your rug after a deep cleaning.

Rug Cleaning Guarantee

Our rug cleaning process is extremely careful while still being thorough. Having your rug professionally cleaned regularly helps to preserve the rug. Our solutions preserves the rug and it also help protect the fibers in your rug. This leads to a nice, bright, soft rug that will last longer. Heaven’s Best accomplishes all this without bringing toxic chemicals into your home. We make it a priority to keep our products safe for families and pets. This increases the quality of our results and reduces stress for our customers.


Care For Your Rug

While regular maintenance of your rug is good it is more important not to ruin your own rug. You can damage the original coloring of the rug if you are not careful when removing a stain. Use caution and when in doubt call a technician to know what the best options are before they can professionally remove the stain.


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